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At Kimberly-Clark, we offer support for sufferers of incontinence. The Depend product range Depend Logoincludes products that help Australians who suffer from the condition every day and assists them to manage the condition more effectively.

The Depend website has been designed as an online resource for all types of incontinence, and includes information about:


  1. Urinary incontinence
  2. Urge incontinence
  3. Stress incontinence
  4. Overflow incontinence
  5. Bowel incontinence

On the site, you can also read about other people's experiences with incontinence. Their stories provide you with inspiration and you can even share your own story, thoughts or tips with others.

The website also hosts the Carer's Kit, a practical resource for caregivers with detailed suggestions about caring for incontinence sufferers.

Activities online:

Special Features:

  • The Carers Kit is a PDF resource for people who care for a loved one with bladder and/or bowel weakness

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