Depend® brand launches bold new campaign

In a bold move, our Depend® brand launched a new TV ad last Sunday featuring a mature woman wearing only the new Depend Real-Fit Underwear and a singlet as part of a new fully integrated campaign. The campaign demonstrates how Depend Real-Fit Underwear fits and feels just like real, everyday underwear giving incontinent consumers the confidence to wear whatever they want.  

According to Dominique Chandler, Marketing Manager for the Depend brand, 'the new campaign while tasteful and respectful, changes the conversation with our consumers and challenges perceptions of incontinence products by showing how this fantastic new product can give them the freedom and confidence to carry on with their active lives despite experiencing this common condition".

"We actually demonstrate visually how similar the product is to real underwear and encouraging men and women to go out and 'Take the Feel Test' themselves. We have experienced excellent results in consumer research, with consumers saying they cannot believe it is a disposable product as it so discreet and fits and feels just like the real thing" says Chandler.

Set to spark interest amongst the 4.8 million Australians with incontinence, new Depend Real-Fit Underwear is the brand's most revolutionary product upgrade so far. The product features cotton flex fabric, an elastic waistband, slim lines, all-around leg elastics and superior odour protection, offering a boost of confidence for people with incontinence.

The campaign includes a 30 second TV ad, new print ads that will be displayed in major titles including Woman's Weekly and Sunday Magazine, as well as in-store media and sampling.

Click on the image below to view the new TV ad:

Depend Take Feel Test