Time for Aussie mums to do their teens a favour and share the cleaning

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A national Newspoll survey commissioned by leading cleaning brand VIVA® - VIVA Share the Cleaning* - has revealed that 70 per cent of mums find it easier to do the cleaning in their home rather than having to ask their teens to help out, resulting in a generation lacking in valuable life skills.

The results come as VIVA calls on Aussie mums to get teens motivated, share the cleaning and sign up for a 30-Day 'Share the Cleaning' Challenge. 

Overwhelmingly, 96 per cent of mums today believe that domestic skills, such as cleaning, is an important life skill for their children to learn. However, they are not instructing their kids in this area, with over two-thirds finding it easier to just do it themselves.

Leading social demographer Bernard Salt, commenting on the results, said, "The bottom line is that parents think their kids should learn cleaning skills but they just can't quite bring themselves to teach or enforce the share-the-cleaning principle."

The VIVA Share the Cleaning Survey also highlighted that 28 per cent of mums also consider 'not cleaning-up after themselves'** to be a quality they dislike most in others, which should provide further motivation for parents to ensure their teenagers develop this key life skill. Blogger with leading parents site The Kids are All Right and mum to two teenage boys and a tween girl, Emma Toomey, agrees with the findings, "Like many mums, my kids don't offer to help out about the house so I find it easier to just do it myself, however I have never properly considered that it is an important skill for my kids to develop."

On average, mums of today are spending around 14 hours a week doing household chores and are having to ask an average of three times before their teen will even help. In comparison, teens are currently spending just an average of an hour and a half cleaning, deeming them a 'lazy' generation by nearly three quarters of mums.

The solution for modern households where both partners work and have children at home is for all to pitch in and VIVA are today calling on parents to motivate their teens and put their family to the test to see if they can 'share the cleaning' in 30 days.

Parents can log on to to sign-up to the challenge and create a personalised family cleaning calendar to help allocate tasks and set motivating rewards, as well as find tips and tricks to help share the cleaning.

"The only way a modern household with multiple income earners can operate is if there is a fundamental shift in who does the work within the household - the obvious solution is to simply share the cleaning," Mr. Salt said. This concept is reinforced with the availability of products
that are safe, effective and easy to use, such as the VIVA clever cleaning range.
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*This Newspoll study was conducted online nationally in January 2013 among n=1023 females aged 18-64 who are the parent / guardian of teenagers aged 13-19. The female parent/guardian was asked to select one teenager randomly and answer questions about that individual teenager; therefore the data about the teenager's behaviour provide a picture of the general population of teenagers aged 13-19 nationally. Other questions ask the female respondent their own views, and therefore present a picture of the general population of female parent/guardians of teenagers aged 13-19.

** Respondents could choose from sloppy appearance, always being late, not cleaning up after themselves, talking too much and swearing.