KCP partner with Vision Australia to give back to the community

KCP - Community Initiative With Vision Australia Feature

(l-r) Mervyn Yong, Paul Cilia, Regina Marino and Kathy Young

The Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCP) ANZ team once again showed they were proud to contribute to the community by partnering with Vision Australia to make sensory activity mats for visually impaired children. 

Working collaboratively in small groups, the activity saw the KCP team dazzle with their Braille typing skills, needlework, creative, audio and craft skills to make a number of multi-sensory mats to help Vision Australia’s Feelix library. These mats allow a tactile and sensory experience for young, visually impaired children to help them understand what a day at the beach or a day at the farm might feel like and sound like, and includes written and braille versions of a story, all included within one play mat.

Louise Curtin – Vision Australia Project Officer, was delighted with how well the groups worked together and achieve such a successful outcome which, in addition to the sensory mats, saw $10,000 donated to the Vision Australia organisation.