Kimberly-Clark Careers

Graduate Programs

Support and development for graduates


We understand that your first job in a large company after uni can be a daunting experience. That's why we've made sure that our graduates receive all the support they need. Not only from their direct managers, but from their peers, colleagues and senior leaders across the organisation.

We offer a structured Graduate Network and Development Program that is based on feedback from diverse groups of graduates over our many years of graduate programs.

You will join a group of other graduates in development and networking opportunities. The program offers:

  • the opportunity for you to develop skills such as influence and communication through tailored programs
  • travel to our manufacturing sites in NSW and SA
  • exposure to senior management to develop your understanding of all areas of our business
  • mentoring
  • a network program with your peer group

Graduate Network Program

In some large organisations, you may never get to know the other graduates in other divisions or locations.

At Kimberly-Clark, we make sure you not only meet the other grads, but you get to routinely network with them, learn from them and collaborate with them on projects.

Our graduates tell us this structured networking helps them get more out of the program, and also lets them get acquainted with a broad range of people in various divisions, which is invaluable in their consequent roles.