Kimberly-Clark President delivers keynote on company’s social media strategy

I Strategy

Mark Wynne, President of Kimberly-Clark South Asia this morning delivered the keynote presentation at iStrategy Sydney at Sheraton on the Park.

Wynne discussed the importance of building a relationship with consumers beyond just conversations. While many marketers discuss the death of brands Wynne highlighted that the digital space 'provides an incredibly exciting opportunity for brands where relationship building is the key advantage'. However he pointed out that traditional media still has a key role and that ROI is the relevant KPI just as it for any other communication channel.

As makers of 'non-sexy' everyday essentials like Huggies nappies, Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper and U by Kotex tampons Wynne detailed the challenges facing the company including the rise of private label supermarket brands, low involvement categories and brand sites which are not part of the shopping experience. He posed the question 'How on earth do you get mums wanting to engage with a toilet paper brand?'

The audience learnt about the development of from what began as a brochureware style site with international content to today's site which is highly engaging, interactive and filled with local and user generated content with an added skew towards conception to introduce mums-to-be early to the Huggies brand. Wynne also shared the company's latest website that creates an enormous opportunity to remain engaged with mums leaving the Huggies database because their kids have reached 4 years of age. There were a few giggles when the newest sub site of kleenexmums, was unveiled based on the insight that toilet training mums become obsessed with 'poo' during this stage of development.

Wynne said 'It's no longer about spending resource driving consumers toward a manufactured brand experience. It's about rethinking content for FMCG sites and leveraging social media channels. You need to provide content for your audience to discover and engage with creating more authentic brand experiences'.