New Poise Liners campaign launches ‘LBL’ into the Australian vernacular.

Poise LBL

On Sunday Kimberly-Clark launched a new campaign for Poise Liners to help normalise a common problem -LBL.

1 in 3 women over 35 experiences LBL or Light Bladder Leakage yet most are in denial. According to Senior Brand Manager, Leanne Koh, 'Denial is a big factor for women withLBL. Only 17% use a product specifically designed for the problem while 28% use no product at all and over half use a 'period' product which is not designed to absorb urine and therefore not effective'.

The campaign called 'It happens to me' utilises the acronym 'LBL' to de-stigmatise the issue and give women a code name so that they can be more comfortable in talking about it. Koh says most women sufferLBLas a result of childbirth and often feel embarrassed about having an 'old person's, incontinence problem which shouldn't be happening to me' at their young age.

Poise Liners which have been specifically designed for LBL are thin, discreet and three times more absorbent than period-only liners making them perfect for young women who don't want to wear 'bulky' pads.

The 30 second TVC which features women describing different instances where "it happens to me" will air on free to air and subscription TV.

The TVC is supported by a 15 second cut down, an extensive print campaign and a mass sampling program reaching over 550,000 women via magazines including Australian Women's Weekly, Prevention and Woman's Day and the Poise brand website,