The poetry of word of mouth

Ode To Snugglers

The Snugglers brand's latest word of mouth campaign was inspired by the discovery of a secret 'Snugglers mums club' made up of a group of mums who feel they are in on a very special secret with Snugglers nappies. Since the cute campaign started, Aussie mums have been sharing their Snugglers secret to win a year's supply of nappies. Read what a particularly clever consumer had to say about Snugglers nappies in her poem titled 'Ode to Snugglers'.

This campaign has another element to it with the Snugglers brand inviting mums to host 'Snugglers parties', where a group of friends come together to chat about Snugglers nappies and receive sample products to trial. The best thing is they all go away talking about how great Snugglers nappies are!

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