Computers for kids in need

Since 2001 Kimberly-Clark has been donating their out of date yet still in good condition computers, laptops and printers to Fusion, an International Christian Youth and Community Organisation helping socially-at-risk young people in Australia.

Today, Fusion has over 250 staff and thousands of volunteers working in its 45 community centres in Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Albania, Canada, the Caribbean, Ghana, Nigeria, China, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. While it began its work helping youth, Fusion has since moved into extensive community work in Australia and beyond realising the importance of a healthy and caring community to nurture each new generation. Fusion's services focus on community building and helping people in need to find a sense of purpose. Fusion Centres in Australia focus on providing:

  • Drop in centres and Youth Cafes
  • Lunch time programs in schools
  • Accommodation programs for youth, families and High School students who cannot stay at home while completing their education
  • Craft and social activities for isolated women and parenting programs for young single mothers
  • Mentoring and other special programs for teenagers who are not fitting into the school system
  • Employment training schemes
  • Outdoor education programs
  • Community festivals designed to build connection in fragmented towns and suburbs

Every year, Kimberly-Clark carries out a hardware upgrade and donates their old equipment to Fusion Centres enabling them to maintain a level of IT hardware that they had never had before. The equipment is set-up in centres across Australia and the world providing staff with better resources to raise money to fund their centres, conduct training sessions and also give their visitors computer and internet access.