Swimming with smiles

Swimmnig With Smiles

Huggies Little Swimmers has been working with partners Plunket and Water Safety New Zealand to drive a new initiative called Swimming with Smiles which aims to get families swimming together this summer. The rationale behind the new initiative is that familiarisation, confidence and positive development in and around water come more easily for children when they are learning with people they trust. Water Safety New Zealand says these three early building blocks are critical for learning to swim and survive. A list of Swimming with Smiles pointers have been developed to help keep the smiles on our babies' faces as they learn to enjoy the water.

The campaign's message is that parents need to take their children to the local public pool regularly, get wet, join in the fun, and hold their babies close in the water. It is also a reminder to parents to comply with pool rules and ensure children who are not yet toilet-trained are wearing protective swim pants in the water.