A hug that heals

The recent Hugs for Healing campaign led by Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand has resulted in an incredible $150,000 being raised which will be donated to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA).

This successful achievement comes as a result of reaching the 150,000 packs target, whereby $1 from every Huggies Bulk nappies sold throughout the month of November was donated to CHFA.

This is the third year that Huggies has partnered with CHFA, which supports five of Australia’s most well-known hospitals and provides 1.65 million treatments for sick and injured children each year.  

The Huggies Hugs for Healing campaign kicked off earlier last month, with the launch of an external event hosted by well-known Australian actress, Jodi Anasta, that showcased an emotive new video series that captures the inspiring journeys of babies and children overcoming serious illnesses.

Huggies Hugs For Healing

Jodi Anasta (left) supporting the recent Hugs for Healing event for Children's Hospital Foundations Australia

Recent studies with Australian midwives and nurses has found 99% agree that hugs and affection are an important part of the healing process for sick children, and 98% believe that hugs can help children recover more quickly during illness. Many mothers have also agreed with this perception, with two thirds saying that a hug makes their child feel calm.

Through the Hugs for Healing initiative with CHFA, the Huggies brand is promoting the power of a hug with sick babies and toddlers across Australia by funding much needed high priority equipment.

The money raised through last month’s campaign will help to fund high priority pieces of medical equipment, specifically targeted at sick babies and toddlers.

Furthermore, the donations will help to fund equipment including a High Resolution Gastrointestinal Manometer in NSW, insulin pumps in WA, and a neo-natal incubator in SA.