Another step closer to a hopeful future

Following another successful year of fundraising, Kimberly-Clark Australia proudly presented a cheque for $82,500 to the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation (SCF) at a recent ceremony that recognised the culmination of many charitable activities to help raise much-needed funds.

What began as a Consumer Sales initiative has now evolved into a company-wide campaign involving 300 employees who once again supported the fundraising effort by walking, running, jogging, dying their hair or opening their wallets for the various raffles, bake sales and BBQs that were held during the year.

Sanfilippo Syndrome is a progressive degenerative disease that is fatal and for which there is currently no effective treatment or cure. Life expectancy for children with Sanfilippo is between 12-20 years.  

Presenting the cheque to SCF representative, Nicole Fasseau, was Hamish Campbell - Head of Category Development, Abby Phillips - Customer Supply Manager, as well as National Sales Manager for Independents and star fundraiser Lissa Chen, who, through the KCA Workplace Giving Program, raised $13,000 for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation by bravely shaving her hair.


(l-r) Abby Phillips, Lissa Chen and Nicole Fasseau

During her gracious speech to the organisation, Nicole spoke of KCA and SCF’s shared values, saying it was worthy to note how closely the two organisations are aligned – “While KCA ‘provides essentials for our precious babies’, the SCF is working to provide essential treatment for precious babies who need our help to progress from being babies to being adults”.

Ms Fasseau told KCA employees that through the work of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation, and with the support of Kimberly-Clark Australia, significant progress has been made, and if all goes to plan, upcoming trials will commence on Australian shores in just over six months.

Through the extraordinary support from KCA, the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation is committed to contributing funds not only to conduct these trials, but to further research for the benefit of Australian children suffering Sanfilippo Syndrome.  

The gene therapy trial is the Foundation’s first project, but they aren’t stopping there. They are now also looking at how to extend the work KCA is helping to fund, and are mapping out new projects that could have a broader impact to the quality of life of Australian children with Sanfilippo Syndrome through ongoing medical research.