Kimberly-Clark Professional launch new Healthcare Wipes

Kimberly-Clark Professional recently launched three exciting new products designed specifically for the Healthcare segment and targeted at filling an evident gap in our bundle of healthcare products.Wypall Neutral Wipers 100x 12 Cpode 94129

Gaining a high level of interest from valued customers since its official launch, the two new patient wipes have been introduced under the Kleenex brand, including new Kleenex Wet Wipes and Kleenex Soft Wipes as well as the new, pre-moistened, Wypall Neutral Detergent Wipes.

The Kleenex Soft Wipe is a disposable patient wipe designed to reduce the risk of infection transmission between patients, residents and healthcare workers. The outstanding softness of the product helps to deliver exceptional experience, with the objective to increase patient satisfaction. It is being positioned as a hygienic and cost effective replacement for face washers and flannels which often harbor bacteria and can increase the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

The Kleenex Wet Wipe is ideal for efficient wiping of the hands and face for less ambulant patients or residents. The new product also works as an appropriate continence wipe that can be placed at point of use, saving valuable time for nurses and workers, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

The pre-moistened Wypall Neutral Detergent Wipe is perfect for areas where a high-standard of cleanliness is required quickly, a crucial requirement in a healthcare setting.

Kleenex Soft Wipes 60x 12 Code 94127

Kleenex Wet Wipes 50x 12 Code 94128