KCA Bushfire Response

All of us here at Kimberly-Clark Australia are devastated by the harrowing bushfire events ravaging our homeland. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted and we are so thankful for the tireless efforts of emergency services, relief organisations and volunteers during this time.

Kimberly-Clark Australia is committed to supporting the relief efforts wherever possible. We have been working closely with our longstanding partner, Foodbank Australia, providing ongoing supplies of essential products such as nappies, facial and toilet tissue and sanitary products, in order to best respond strategically to requests from affected communities. This includes providing additional product support to evacuation centres, displaced communities and front line service, both in the immediate term, and the weeks and months to follow to ensure all needs are adequately met.

Moving forward we will continue to assess supply requirements, to ensure we are playing an active role in the recovery and rebuilding efforts that will occur for some time into the future.

 Bushfire Response Feature

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